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About write Browser's history and bookmarks permission: the "History cleaner"(Menu->History cleaner) function need it.

Old name:Battery Doctor to Save Battery or Battery saver.

If it forces close,please Clear the data of Battery Dr on the "Manage Applications" screen or uninstall and reinstall it.

★---Extend your Battery life---

Do you want to make your battery stronger?Dr.Battery can help you to save power.Download the battery app now!

Improve your Battey life!Max your Battery life.Make your phone faster and smoother.

✔Help you to kill tasks quickly and reset your phone easily!

✔Show battery health,temperature,talktime etc.

✔To improve your phone's battery,you should kill running tasks,adjust screen brightness(volume),turn off wifi, gps, bluetooth,Auto-sync etc.

✔Battery Dr saver is the best Battery Improver/Battery Booster/battery saver tool.As your Battery Helper,it helps you to improve battery life .

✔Includes: Power Management(Battery Management),Battery Notifier, Battery Monitor,Power Control,task killer.

★---Battery Information/Battery Watcher---

Displays the battery status, battery information and so on.

✔Battery Time displays the remaining time(battery's running time) for:TalkTime(2G/3G/4G),AudioTime,VideoTime,Web Surfing Time and Idle Time.

✔Displays the health and the temperature of the battery.

✔Full charge alarm

✔Show Battery Usage

✔Battery indicator

✔Reset Battery Profile

★---About Full Charge---

✔1:Be sure that your battery power is less than 20%,and then launch this app and plug the charger cable.

✔2:Recharge your battery directly to 100% with no pause.

✔3:It will alert you when charging is complete.


With the Settings,you can extend Battery Life(boost Battery Life).It improves your Battery Performance.

✔Set screen timeout time

✔Volume control:Ringer volume,Notification volume,Media volume,Alarm volume,Voice call volume,System volume.

✔Set screen brightness.

✔Ringer control:Silent mode,Vibration mode,Sound only mode.

✔Set Wi-Fi/wifi,Bluetooth,Auto-sync data,Airplane mode

✔GPS receiver/ GPS setting

✔2G/3G toggle(mobile data)

★---Task Killer/advanced task manager---

The task killer like ATK allows you to kill processes on your Android quickly . The best process manager.

✔Simple,quick to use

✔Memory booster/ram booster.

✔Ignore list

✔Show the memory

✔Notification in the status bar

✔one-click task killer widget

✔app manager:Switch to/Detail/Uninstall apps.

★---Other functions---

Search history eraser(history cleaner):

1 click to clear search history and all cached files.

1 tap to erase history data ,delete web Browser history,clipboard data etc. Cleanup your phone.

★------------Also searched as:-----------------

killer tarefa, bateria melhorar, telefone mais forte, protetor de bateria, gerenciador de energia, o gerenciador de tarefas</br>

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